Cimber Sterling Airline Bankrupt

After 62 years in the air, Cimber Sterling has now given up.

In a sign of the times, the bankruptcy was announced by the company on Facebook.

Facebook announcement Cimber Sterling Bankrupt

The board of the airline Cimber Sterling have opened a bankruptcy petition with the Danish court in S√łnderborg this morning.
The reason given is that Cimber Sterling’s owners no longer want to support it financially.

All flights are cancelled with immediate effect. Around 600 employees will lose their job. A buy out or rescue of the company has not been completely ruled out, Cimber did fly a number of Denmark domestic routes for SAS. Cimber Sterling, formerly called Cimber Air changed their name when they bought up the remaining parts of the bankrupt airline Sterling Airlines which went bankrupt in October 2006.

About a week ago, on 24th april at an AGM the company approved the board’s proposal to increase the share capital, reduce staff numbers and focus on Nordic countries.


  1. Shame, nice airline.
    I suspect that absorbing Sterling airlines and operating such a mixed fleet and a mixed business model of intra Scandinavian business travel plus longer “sunshine” routes was too complex to be profitable.

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